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Looking for a seasoned, trained, and intelligent copywriter that delivers copy that informs, engages and sells? Yes, it's hard to find trained copywriters that know the formula, yet still write creatively, and with a friendly voice. Click below for samples and a free estimate for your project right now...


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Creating a smashing video script uses the same techniques used in Direct Response copy, but with a twist or two: You only have 30 seconds to 2 minutes max, and you might be surprised to learn that professionals respond better to simple videos with low production, and high content value. You could have a new video on Youtube in two days... let's get started now!

You need white papers and brochures that your sales staff can use when calling on potential clients, but the thing is...

you need copy that explains your product/service without being stuffy, and ensures they see you're obviously the best choice.

This is where all the fun is had... getting potential leads to finally click "Yes!"... and buy. But leading people down the chute needs well-crafted call-to-action that speaks to people's pain points, gets them nodding "yes", and suddenly... they click the button. Go ahead, feel what it's like to click with me.